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Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital

Open since February of 2011.

Our sign.

 We are so excited about how it turned out


Hospitality Center

Enjoy a warm beverage and a tasty treat while you're here!

Waiting Area

Our canine friends enter and wait on the left side of the lobby.

Kennel Runs

We can comfortably board your pet while you are away.  Even our biggest patients feel relaxed in our open and inviting runs.

Cat Boarding

 Our cats will have a great view of the outdoors and can even peek on the birds and other wildlife outside.

Outdoor Play Area

All of our canine boarders are able to romp around one on one with our staff to keep exercised while staying with us.

Outdoor Play Area

Bella loves running circles around the play yard.

Pass Through to Treatment from the Surgical Suite

With this architectural feature, we have access to items within the glass compartments in both the treatment area and the surgical suite. This view is from the surgical suite looking in to the treatment area.

Pass Through Window from Treatment to Surgical Suite

Here is a view of our pass through window from the treatment area to the surgical suite.

The Surgical Suite

We have the ability to perform two surgeries simultaneously within our suite. Large windows allow for an open and well-light space. Our surgical laser, in the corner, replaces the scalpel blade creating less pain & inflammation associated with the surgical procedure.

The Lobby and Reception Area

The Laboratory Set-Up Area

This is where we set up all of our laboratory testing both in-house and to send off.

Laboratory Equipment

With in-house laboratory equipment our veterinarians can perform many diagnostic tests within the hospital, providing you a faster diagnosis for your beloved companion.

Our Lobby

Our floor to ceiling windows allow an open and calming feel for you, your pet, and our staff!

One of Our Exam Rooms

Our exam rooms are suited to accommodate different species, sizes, illnesses, and more!

Exam Room Corridor

Our exam rooms all stem off this corridor helping to minimize noise for our patients.

One of Our Exam Rooms

This exam room has exterior access, which is helpful in a multitude of situations. Any aggressive patients can calmly enter the building directly in to the room rather than waiting in the lobby which can promote increased stress and aggression. Those having to say goodbye to a beloved pet can quietly exit from the building without walking through the potentially busy lobby. There are many reasons why this room can be super helpful!

Digital Radiology Suite

With in-house digital radiology, our doctors can quickly take and review x-rays, allowing you and your beloved companion and faster diagnosis.

Intensive Care Unit

Our intensive care unit is directly adjacent to both the surgical suite and the treatment area allowing us to closely monitor post-operative patients as well as those that are being hospitalized.

Canine Waiting Area of Lobby

We have separate canine and feline waiting areas of our lobby. This helps to keep all of our patients as relaxed as possible while in our lobby area.

Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital

Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital

A look at our property from across the street.

Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital

The Play Yard

A peak at the play yard.

Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital

Brunswick Forest Veterinary Hospital